Brad Drummond

National Teamrider.

Instagram. @Galaxycharger
Hometown. Whistler & Vancouver, Canada
Home spot. Georgia strait, Gorge, North Coast
Sponsors. Goya Windsurfing, Quatro Windsurfing
A few words about yourself. Live large, learn and love – practice alliteration
What makes your ride? This sport offers so many combinations of other sports. It’s also like an exclusive club. Even when you leave for a while you’ll always want to come back. Windsurfing offers so much variety in style and expression – there is something for everyone and the learning is endless.
How much do you love to windsurf? Can’t get enough. It is the most amazing and challenging sport. I wish I could do it as much as I use to.
What is your most memorable session? I can’t think of any one session but Ho’okipa always delivers. I have had amazing huge days at Kuau, Lower Kanaha, Windmills, Florence OR and an exotic couple days at remote, Nootka Island, British Columbia.
What inspires you? Hardcore athletic, blissed out, driven, high on life hippy freaks. Live well and love one another. Be encouraging and look after people.
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in. I am kind of a freestyle/wave guy and a jumper. Getting chubby hasn’t helped with this. I think I mostly like riding waves, aerials and trying to adapt freestyle to a variety of conditions. It’s fun to be creative. I have a range of boards from Air pro to Quads. The boards are insanely good, I only wish we had these back in the ‘90s.
What does riding for Goya mean to you? Riding for the Goya team has been a dream come true. I have worked with many great companies but the Goya team were so inspirational to me when I was younger and building my competition experience. Francisco is without a doubt one of the fathers of new age windsurfing!

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