Charles Vandemeulebroucke

National Teamrider.

Instagram. still not
Hometown. Dunkerque, northern France
Home spot. Wissant before, Teahupoo today
Sponsors. Quatro & Goya
A few words about yourself. born in 1984 in Dunkerque, i’ve tried or compete into many many different sports when i was young. Competitions and injuries brought me into my job as a physiotherapist and osteopathic techniques!
I first windsurfed at 13 on a lake then quickly on federal race board on the sea but at 16 i stopped everything else to focus on waves.
never really dreamed about becoming a pro, i was dreaming about sailing the most perfect and big conditions ever… dream come true! happy man i am!
What makes your ride? windsurf had driven my all life when i think about it not necessarily at first sight, but it had always give a reason to fight, to focus and to commit to every aspect of my life to be able to get the best out of it and to be where i am today. not only as a windsurfer but as a man in general, personally and professionally, physically and psychologically. Windsurfing takes all your energy and commitment and give it back 100 times.
How much do you love to windsurf? Well it always makes me smile and I don’t want any frown wrinkles so lets say A LOT, like Im totally addicted!!
How much do you love to windsurf? definitely more than any other sports even after years doing a lot of other amazing activities, nothing feels better than an average windsurf session.
What is your most memorable session? 27 sept 2014, biggest Teahupo’o i’ve had. about 15-20 feet perfect wind and sun
i shared this session with Kauli Seadi who did a crazy Air on a bomb that became famous afterward. amazing experience.
What inspires you? smart people that live with respect and commitment into what they love. following their dream and own path.
Definitely this past few years, the future of our world is in first line in my head and i’m trying to improve my everyday life to produce less waste, eat better, consume less useless things. What could be seen as a constraint at the beginning quickly turn into a new way of truth. Nutrition, physical training, mind set, ecology and green projects. i think this is the way human being should evolve in general or at least try to. And that feels really inspiring for the future in every aspect of life.
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in. i sail most of the time the Fringe 5,0 that perfectly fit the conditions we have here in Tahiti, perfect reef breaks down the line wavesailing. but if it turns into strong stormy side shore jumping session, i love to get my 4.5 or 5.0 Banzai to get more power for jumping and fast planning…
I ride Quatro custom boards made by Keith himself, Mr Master shaper. We start to know each other and he now know exactly what i love and what i need. this boards with the MFC fins are by far the best things you could dream of under your feet on a wave. the feeling and performances are insane!
What does riding for Goya mean to you? A LIFETIME OF WINDSURFING DEDICATION. no doubt about it.

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