Jeff Albright

National Teamrider.

Hometown. Portland Oregon
Home break. Manzanita, on the Oregon coast is my launching pad, and I like to roam as far south as Pistol River.
Sponsors. Quattro, Goya, Dakine.
Magic board and the day you realized that it was special. it was 2012. I was set to go to Baja, and I had talked to Keith about a new board, but I had no idea that it would be waiting for me. It was an all carbon custom 88 L thruster. My first turn on that board brought me up to the lip and half the time that I was used to. It was an eye-opening moment. I suddenly realized all of the new places it I could go on a wave that never seem possible. It started to make more sense how the team riders were able to accomplish such amazing lines.
What makes your ride? … the rush of being in the present, the experience of progress” the smiles and sheers of friends!
If you had an unlimited budget or Keith could come out of the lamp, what would you ask for? I am a bit of a board hog, so I’m pretty set already. It would be fun to try a few of my current boards with channels, but the truth is, the boards are so well built, that when you get the perfect one, you just want to keep it. Last year I burned up that magic 88 L in a cave in Baja, but it has been resurrected, and rides on into the future and other hands.
Dream trip. Cabo Verde for a land-based trip (in season, with a three week window!) Boat trip; the Marshall Islands with Keith and the boys.
Ride. Quatro custom 82 L swallowtail thruster, Quatro custom 88 L swallowtail thruster, Goya production Custom 96, and Quatro custom 100 L with five fin boxes.
Hobbies. SUP, surfing, skiing, and mountain biking.
Music. REM, Band of Horses, Cake, Imagine Dragons, U2, Green Day. (My kids are starting to turn me on to hip-hop!).

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