Jehyu Lee

National Teamrider.

Instagram. @lee_j_jay
Hometown. Wailuku, Hawaii
Home spot. Wailuku, Hawaii
Sponsors. Goya Windsurfing, Barrel Clothing, Dakine, MFC, SUPBOY
A few words about yourself. I have been living on Maui for 18 years now and I go Windsurfing everyday.
What makes your ride? Windsurfing is a magical sport and it’s very addictive. Windsurfing makes me happy.
How much do you love to windsurf? A lot.
What is your most memorable session? 11 years ago. when I first met Francisco Goya on the water. we windsurfing together in Kanaha.
What inspires you? Freestyle, Wave and Slalom.
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in. I use the production freetyle sails Bounce 4.2, 4.4, 4.8 with 94 Air when I do Freestyle with high wind in Kanaha beach and I use Goya Proton 96 and 116 when I do slalom with medium wind. I do Wind foiling with Goya Proton 136 foil ready board when the wind is really light.
What does riding for Goya mean to you? Francisco Goya is my big mentor in Windsurfing and Francisco and the team love Windsurfing so much. I love their spirit and I’m so proud to part of the team Goya Windsurfing.

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