Yarden Meir

National Teamrider.

Hometown. Eilat, Israel
Home spot. Riff Raff beach
Sponsors. GOYA Windsurfing, Maui Ultra fins, Hurricane Windsurfing
A few words about yourself. I have been living in Eilat since i can remember myself, And I was lucky enough to have the best father ever, who was a Sailor and fisherman. He pushd me in the water before i could walk, and took me to the beach every day.
Besides the sea I love Food, Music and chicks.
What makes your ride? I keep in my mind that it dosent matter what you do it can be always done better. I try to always be open minded about what im gone do next on my board. There is so much more to be discovered!
How much do you love to windsurf? Since i started windsurfing its hard for me to focus on anything else, Espcially when the trees are moving outside. Theres nothing I enjoy more then a good day of windsurfing with some friends.
What is your most memorable session? There were so many good sessions its hard to point out, I kind of remember all of them!
What inspires you? Consistent dedication towards your goals, And truely expresing yourself on what ever you ride.
Describe your gear and the conditions you use it in. I usually use The AIR 99 It works good in all the conditions, and banzai 5.3,4.7,4.2. Depends on the wind…
What does riding for Goya mean to you? My first board was a Francisco Goya pro model, He was always one of my Favourite windsurfers. And to think that now im riding for his brand its a dream coming true. I think it means I have to do my absolute best to push Windsurfing Forward.
Thank you, Francisco Goya and Goya team.

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