Josh Stone

National Teamrider.

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Home spot. Ho’okipa
Sponsors. Goya Windsurfing
A few words about Josh from Francisco…

Josh is out of reach, after a busy pro career that included 2 World Titles and multiple podium finishes he also was the one behind the start up of the Freestyle World Tour, that made possible to bring wave sailors spirits to the lakes.

Today he continues to ride everytime is good at his home in Maui and also he goes to Jaws or travels to other neighbor islands on his Amy Blue boat. Today his son Harley is starting to get into the sport, this summer he was spoted waterstarting…

We will keep updating you of their stories through our website or you might see him yourself when the conditions are firing or at one of his Flatbreads restaurants in Maui or Whistler.

He will be the stoked guy smiling with wet hair and sand on his slippers.

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